"I want to see you breathless," he tells her, "I want you on the floor, against the wall, in various shades of desperation."

"And I want you raw and open, before you learnt what it was to build walls."

"Show me the parts of you you daren’t show anyone." He whispers. "Show me everything."

― Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #59 (via blossomfully)
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"When do you know it’s over?" He asked quietly.

"When someone stops trying," she answered. "Or worse, when trying no longer works."

― Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #58 (via blossomfully)
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She did not know she was drunk, drunk with fatigue and whisky. She only knew she had left her tired body and floated somewhere above it where there was no pain and no weariness and her brain saw things with an inhuman clarity.
― Margaret Mitchell, Gone With the Wind (via blue-eyed-adventurer)
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Dear Self:

You did it. One year of college you can cross off the list.

Even though I feels like a wasted year, something positive had to come out of it, right? It feels like yesterday I was unpacking my bags to this hell hole now it’s time to pack this year away and go home to smiling faces and rush into comforting arms.

You might not look in the mirror and still see your shine, but it’s there no doubt it’s still there hiding deep somewhere. Your smile might not be as florescent as it can potentially be, but no doubt it’s still there. You may feel hopeless at times, lost, confused, and have no damn idea what you were put on this earth to do but you’ll figure it out. No doubt you will. And never forget that someone out there needs you. They need you more than you’ll ever know. Remember the girl who could walk into a room and light it up with that ginormous smile and was so full of happiness she could do nothing but spread it? Dig deep and find her. She’s still in there.

Stop rushing back to the past because it’s all you know. Stop being comfortable in a pond of icky feelings that make you so numb you can’t even move from bed on a 90 degree sunny day. Stop settling for cover girl when you know you deserve Chanel. Most importantly stop putting other people’s happiness in front of your own. Put yourself first.


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